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Choosing your agency -1

In the first of an ongoing series on choosing your agency, Tony Koenderman discusses the importance and the nature of the chemistry between the partners, and in a future article will examine the chemistry between the agency and its clients. Readers are invited to submit contributions to this series. The relationship between a client and […]

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DIY5: Posters are for impact – so give it

 Posters are ideal for creating impact and awareness for your brand or company. So posters, to have impact, need to be simple. As a rule of thumb, says Aubrey Malden as his spotlight swings to the outdoor arena, no more than 7 to 11 words, and make the type BIG and CAPTIVATE your audience. Your […]

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DIY ADVERTISING: Do you need a slogan?

There’s controversy over this one in our business, writes Aubrey Malden. And the answer to the question is simple: Yes and No. “Yes” if it adds value to your offering and “No” if it doesn’t. Like when it’s a cliché, or sounds great but means nothing. Like, “It’s only natural” for a Natural Food Company…it’s a […]

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DIY 3: Draw up a roadmap

David Ogilvy called research his secret weapon. Aubrey Malden agrees, as he continues drawing his pre-launch roadmap. Before you put creative pen to paper, he says, look at what your competitors offer. Go to their websites (if they have them) dine in their restaurant, phone their switchboard, try a sample of their wares, get your […]

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DIY-2: Look before you leap

Aubrey Malden continues his series on Do-It-Yourself Advertising. The natural thing to do, when you want to advertise your product or service, is to rush ahead and create it, says Malden. My advice is don’t: not yet. Going ahead and advertising without some fundamental research is like going into battle without any reconnaissance. The Brits […]

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