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Campaign v Retainer 2: Going for the win-win

Andrew Hall, the new Co-Managing Director of Hero, an agency which has lasted long and grown significantly on a campaign-based structure, outlined the pros and cons of this business model in his previous article (Guest Spot).  Here, he considers whether the current industry conditions are conducive to retainer-based business, and whether a hybrid could present a […]

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Campaign v retainer: Choose your weapon (1)

In the first of two articles, Andrew Hall examines the pros and cons  of campaigns versus retainers. Hall is the newly appointed joint Managing Director of Hero, an agency which has grown significantly without ever engaging a single retainer-based client. But  is this the right model in the challenging advertising environment of today?   For […]

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Outdoor measurement disaster

A crucial failing of the South African Advertising Research Foundation has left the out-of-home advertising industry seriously disadvantaged. Ken  Varejes, CEO of Primedia Unlimited, discusses the consequences. Without accurate measurement, advertising is useless, he writes. You need to know in advance how many of your target market you are likely to find geographically, by interest […]

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It ain’t whatcha say…

David Ogilvy was almost certainly  the most articulate man the advertising world has ever seen. When I was collating my book of advertising quotes, Smoke and Mirrors, more came from Ogilvy than any other commentator. I got to 125 and was still climbing. This was already 8% of my total quotes. He wrote five books. […]

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