About College Cred

Where power meets performance

College Cred is a social site rather like facebook, except that it’s dedicated exclusively to advertising, marketing and communications. It’s a place for students to post examples of their work, to look at the work done by their rivals and competitors (and friends), to discuss and learn.  It’s where talent is on view.

So it will also be of interest to the people with power in the communications business, who are constantly on the lookout for new talent.

To encourage that young talent, we’re offering a R500 prize every month to the Student of the Month, based on work posted on the site. You’ll need to prove you are genuinely registered for a course in marketing or communications at a recognised institution. So we’ll need a student registration number, and a letter from your senior lecturer or professor certifying your position.

First entry deadline is July 31. –  Submit your design here

Initially, please post only two samples of work a month. We don’t want to be flooded.


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