Loeries: Umbrage taken?

Loeries MD Andrew Human has almost taken umbrage at our  description of the relative market positions of the Loerie Awards and the Bookmarks. We said the “win ratio” of the Bookmarks (13.7%) was  almost equal to that of the Loeries (9.5%. He said: a 44% difference could not be described as “almost equal.” We say: it depends which way you look at the problem, moving up or moving down. 9,5 is 31% less than 13.7, but 13.7 is 44% more than 9.5.

Moreover, he said the Loeries is a multidiscplinary event, whereas the Bookmarks is a narrower speciality affair and comparisons are odious.  (As originally used by Shakespeare, that means comparisons between different categories should not be made.)

*Umbrage: to cause to become insulted or angry (Webster’s).

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