The AdReview Marketing Awards have been cancelled for this year.

The AdReview Marketing Awards are unfortunately cancelled for this year. Our League Tables as well as our online publication are carrying on, however, and we urge agencies to still submit their questionnaires as these form an important part of the Tables which have become a valuable resource for companies looking for agencies.

Message from Tony Koenderman, Publisher of AdReview

As you may or may not know, the Association for Communication and Advertising issued a statement earlier this week regarding the AdReview Awards.

I am appalled that an industry body such as the ACA should seek to stifle competition in the advertising sector, an industry whose very existence depends on unfettered competitive activity.

On the basis of unsubstantiated complaints about the AdReview Awards, and without giving me right of reply, the ACA’s chief executive, Odette van der Haar has issued a statement maligning the awards and urging members to boycott them because of their alleged lack of credibility.

Apart from hearing at third hand that some members of the ad industry feel there should not be two Ad Agency of the Year awards, I have received no complaint whatsoever that would justify the slandering of myself and the AdReview judging panel, which is comprised of respected industry leaders.

Ms Van der Haar claims the ACA phones have been “ringing off the hook” with complaints from members, of whom “a good 80%-90%” are unhappy with the awards programme. If this is so, what’s the fuss? The ACA need do no more than wait for AdReview to implode.

If 80-90% of ACA members really are upset with us, I ask the ACA to provide me with names and contact details, and I will phone every one of them to explain my position.

I would also like to point out the value of competition, which has helped maintain standards.

Ms Van der Haar claims the ACA does not endorse any third party commercial activities, and then proceeds to do just that. “However,” she concludes, “if you are unhappy with the AdReview awards, its credibility and what it represents, take a business decision and do not enter.  These programs exist only because agencies support them by entering.  No entries = no awards.”

There we agree with her. Let the market (not the ACA executive) decide.

For 15 years I have been doing AdReview Awards because I believed I was offering a service to an industry that I love. However, we have taken a decision not to proceed with the AdReview Awards this year as too much damage has been done. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, it’s been quite a ride.

Tony Koenderman

August 5, 2015.

Tony Koenderman can be contacted at

C: 083 268 7386.

H: 010 591 4894.




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